After a year of eager anticipation, the Indoor Inverter Test Facility (IITF) team finally received its Environmental Chamber in June. Burnsco Technologies, the test chamber’s manufacturer in Arnprior, worked with SEARC through delays, revisions and requested modifications. They have fabricated an incredible piece of equipment which the IITF team is looking forward to commissioning.

Chadwick Engineering provided the solution to the very tricky logistical problem of moving an 1800-pound chamber from the loading bay to the SEARC Lab. The major difficulty arose from the fact that the chamber was too tall to fit vertically through the doors. After arrival, it had to be laid horizontally, wheeled through the school corridors into position, and brought back up to vertical in the SEARC Lab.

After its arrival and de-crating in the Millwright Lab, the chamber was wheeled to the adjacent Wind Turbine lab. There, the lab pulley system was used to gently lay the chamber down from a vertical to a horizontal position and onto a dolly.

Once on the dolly, the chamber was wheeled through the parking lot to entrance “E17”. The frame of that entrance had to be temporarily removed to allow entry of the chamber.


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The Indoor Inverter Climate Simulation Test Facility has Arrived
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