This project entailed the development of a supercapacitor energy storage system sized to satisfy the power requirements of a standard laptop computer for one hour of operation.

High performance, carbon-based supercapacitor formulations developed by researchers at the University of Waterloo (U of W) will be used in prototypes. SEARC Student Research Assistants (SRA) have already performed performance testing of button cells fabricated from U of W formulations. As part of this work, inter-cell voltage regulation circuits were designed, tested and optimized by SEARC SRAs to allow for efficient charging and discharging of individual supercapacitor cells.

The next objective will be to fabricate a module plate that can contain 10 individual supercapacitor cells. A number of modules can be stacked together to form a supercapacitor “battery” which will meet the technical specifications.

Project Date

February 2013- present


DAS Innovations Corp.
University of Waterloo – Dr. Aiping Yu


SEARC Students
Chris Anderson
Derek Signore
Nora Desjardins
Napoleon Velasco

Principal Investigators
Dr. Elizabeth Azhikannickal Phd. Eng.
Mr. Gordon M. McAlary MSc. Eng., P.Eng.

Project Status
On hold pending continuation of funding.



Das 1
Figure 1 Supercapacitor button cells fabricated by University of Waterloo



Das 2

 Figure 2 SEARC Supercapacitor performance evaluation test apparatus

DAS Supercapacitor Project
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