Construction has started on the Outdoor Solar Inverter Test Facility (OSITF). TMR Construction Ltd (Kingston) began the site preparation work earlier this week. The OSITF will be used to evaluate solar inverters from inverter manufacturers in collaboration with SEARC staff and student research assistants.

The scope of work includes grading and compaction of the existing fill located on the northwest field of the St. Lawrence College (SLC) Kingston campus. Other tasks involve the preparation of a crushed stone driveway to the facility from the P2 parking lot, and the preparation of a base for a small building.

The most critical task will be the preparation of bases for 51 concrete ballast blocks. The ballast blocks will secure the 9 large arrays used to support the photovoltaic (PV) modules. Once the OSITF is commissioned, these PV modules will supply solar derived power to the various inverters.

The OSITF project is being managed by Gordon M. McAlary P. Eng., SEARC Project Manager and Principal Investigator. Recent SLC Civil Engineering Technologist graduate Marcos Rohr and Energy Systems Engineering Technologist Lukas Duchaine have been the primary Student Research Assistants involved in making the OSITF a reality.

OSITF Site Prep

Construction begins on the Outdoor Solar Inverter Test Facility
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