Are you a current student or recent graduate looking to obtain employment in your field? Looking to gain valuable work experience? St. Lawrence College can help you grow as an industry professional! We collaborate with local businesses and organizations to conduct innovative research projects in various specializations. Apply now and lead the research on an innovative, real-world research project!

How you can get involved

You can get involved with research projects that are undertaken during the academic year, and also as a full-time student researcher during the summer vacation. There are also opportunities to volunteer with SEARC at special events. Finally, if you have an idea for a new product or service that creates, uses or stores sustainable energy, come and talk to SEARC!

When you can get involved

Student researchers are typically hired on at the beginning of the fall semester for part-time research positions, and late in the winter semester for full-time summer research positions.

Who to talk to

Use the contact form to contact us