SEARC has the facilities, tools, and expertise to help you test and optimize the performance of your products. We offer a number of innovative research spaces that can help advance your research project, and we are always open to discussing ways to expand our facilities based on new project and partner needs. Read more about some of our specialized lab spaces we currently offer below.


A rooftop solar testing facility that specialises in performance improvement and the optimisation of solar panels, string and micro-inverters and supporting equipment. The lab includes weather monitoring equipment, solar irradiance instrumentation, snow depth sensors and 24-hour video monitoring. A multi-channel data acquisition system records and stores the various measurement parameters for subsequent analysis to quantify test component or system performance.

This facility can be used to:


An advanced electrical systems performance testing centre to evaluate, develop and refine energy components and products. The lab has a rated capacity of 90 kW derived from 348 photovoltaic (PV) modules. Electrical output from this laboratory facility is conditioned and distributed for use on the grid through a number of PV inverter energy conversion systems.

Examples of test projects include:


An environmental simulation laboratory used for validating the performance of products in various climatic conditions. This laboratory is essential if you are looking to understand how your company’s
product will withstand harsh weather conditions. By partnering with SEARC, we can test your products together to ensure they will work all over the world.

The main operating specifications of the chamber are: