Thinking about getting involved with SEARC?

The faculty lead is an integral part of an applied research project. Their specialized knowledge and experience allow them to direct the research in a way that optimizes results for their industry partner. They also ensure that the research assistant and/or research associate can progress as an industry professional through a positive real-world learning experience. As for personal gain, the faculty lead benefits from professional development, and the ability to apply what they have learned and accomplished into their course-based teaching.

What SEARC Offers

SEARC provides the opportunity to work with companies across Eastern Ontario and get involved in their Research and Development in your specialized field.  These paid positions not only broaden your experience but help to ensure you are instructing your classes with the latest technologies and practices used by industry.

If you are a St. Lawrence College faculty member involved in an applied research project with SEARC Research, or if you are a faculty member interested in getting involved, this is your source of project-related information.