SEARC is home to a group of dedicated engineers, technicians and technical specialists who help Canadian companies develop and improve their products, services and manufacturing practices in the sustainable energy sector.

The research team at SEARC works with companies to solve unique electrical, mechanical and energy systems engineering problems, using advanced modelling, the latest in controls and instrumentation and monitoring systems, and also product performance validation and
optimisation services at our three laboratories.


  • Renewable energy component performance testing, evaluation, validation and assessment (inverters, microinverters, power optimizers, photovoltaic modules, power measurement instrumentation, etc.)
  • Component testing in controlled climatic conditions
  • Building energy usage modelling and validation
  • Modelling and testing of heat transfer components and systems
  • Renewable energy generation and grid dynamics evaluation
  • Long-term durability and performance degradation evaluation of renewable energy system components and add-on performance enhancement features
  • Energy system hardware/software integration and refinement